A reference in Isère.

SDH builds and manages housing intended for low-income populations.

The mission of general interest stems from the commitment of local industrialists determined to act to house their employees in the emergency post-war. True to its history, the SDH is now the first Social Enterprise for Housing in the department of Isere. Operating in more than 130 municipalities, it manages a portfolio of 18 171 units.


Values ​​of SDH

Values ​​were defined based on historical principles that underlie and motivate action. They set the framework for behavior and relationships that each employee maintains a daily basis with the stakeholders of the habitat.

  • Provide accessible and habitat quality.
  • Support tenants in difficulty.
  • Participate in the development of the local economy and structural projects for social housing.


  • Respect our customers give priority to dialogue and listening.
  • Respect future generations (sustainable development).
  • Comply with commitments.


  • Cultivating our level of expertise.
  • Progress in all of our businesses continuously.
  • Improve the quality of our accommodation and the service rendered.
  • Develop partnerships based on trust develop innovation and striving for excellence.


  • Develop the requirement.
  • Be recognized as an exemplary social landlord reference.

Social Responsibility, environmental and economic

The SDH is involved since 2004 in a process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This voluntary commitment allows him to anticipate the regulations and understand performance through social, environmental and economic activities. CSR participates fully in renewing the strategic vision of the company and change its decision-making. The business plan "Unis'vers 2016" is based in large part on the fundamentals of CSR. For the sake of transparency, has adopted the SDH repository EURHO-GR ®, which allows it to communicate its results by publishing CSR reports.

CSR Report 2013

CSR Goals


A strong ambition: to win your preference!


The action of the SDH is supported by a strong ambition : to be recognized as the social landlord reference Isere to win the preference to different audiences.

To meet this requirement by example, all staff of the SDH is mobilized around the six strategic areas of the project company "Unis'Vers 2016".

1 / Develop personalized customer service

  • Provide housing and services.
  • Adapt housing and services to changing needs and expectations of residents.
  • Establish a customer relationship quality based on mutual respect.

2 / Participate in the social balance and generational territories

  • Encourage residential histories, social diversity and generational.
  • Strengthen the local roots of SDH by a balanced production.
  • Improve the attractiveness of existing assets.

3 / Develop partnerships with stakeholders

  • Develop alliance strategies and synergies.
  • Increase the extent and value of the shares of the company.

4 / Promote the well-being and develop the performance of professional staff.

  • Develop and boost human resources.
  • Encourage collective dynamics and the "act together".
  • Recognize individual contributions.

5 / Promote creativity and innovation

  • Stimulate and encourage creativity and innovation in the enterprise.
  • Produce new competitive advantages.
  • Increase social performance, economic and environmental SDH.
6 / To support balanced growth and sustainable
  • Continued growth of the SDH.
  • Strengthen its financial base.

Trades and Skills

The SDH is involved in many sectors contributing to the harmonious development of the territories and the people live better : new construction, rehabilitation, rental management, urban renewal, local management, quality management.